MHM Bald spot recovery Regimen

The MHM bald spot regimen

(Or For people who’s hair is too short for gel). It is repeated every 2-3 weeks. This is an option of MHM for those who’s hair is either too short for gel, or you just don’t want to use gel, and most importantly if you have a bald spot you need to grow back. This can be from some form alopecia, to some product or style you may have used that caused your hair to thin. Either way, this regimen will start the process of growth in the bald spot, and the best part is the area should grow out of your scalp with max hydration if you are disciplined at this.

Brief Run through of the regimen:
Step 1. ACV (can also add cayenne pepper)
Step 2. Clay (with cayenne pepper and light stimulating oils added)
Step 3. Apply light oils to scalp(I Recommend a light oil mixed with stimulating antimicrobial oils)
Step 4. Deep condition with MHM approved conditioner for 2-3 weeks before repeating whole regimen.


◦ Clarify first with an apple cider vinegar mixture.

This will stimulate hair growth, remove build up, and it is an anti-fungal and antibacterial as well. I will elaborate on the mixtures below. ACV is known for hair growth stimulation, so it’s best choice for growing in bald spots. If you are doing this because you have a twa or don’t want to use gel, it is your choice if you want to do the regular bakingsoda rinse.


◦ Do a bentonite clay rinse to further clarify.

This will pull out toxins, lift your hair cuticles as well, preparing for optimal moisture absorption. You can also add Cayenne Pepper and stimulating oils to your mixture. You want to leave this on for 15-30 minutes. Any longer, and you want to cover your head with a shower cap. You can also choose to sleep overnight with it, though it could be messy.


◦ (optional) you can add a light antimicrobial/essential oil to your scalp,

to prevent itching and stimulate growth. Examples: Tea tree, grapeseed, peppermint, Garlic, lemongrass. You can drop the essential oils into a very light oil, like jojoba to make your own stimulating oil blend and apply a tiny bit on your scalp. Do not overdo the oil. African wild growth oil is also good, just a small amount to minimize any scalp itchiness.. It doesn’t matter what oil, just avoid using coconut oil and glycerin, or any heavy oil or butter.


◦ Apply 1-2 ounces of an approved MHM conditioner

in a applicator bottle, and water it down about 3-4 oz of warm/hot(but not boiling hot) water, and shake. It should be foamy and slippery. This will be applied to your head, evenly distributed, so your . It helps to point the applicator bottle directly at your roots and work it in. It is okay if there is left over conditioner.


◦ Put on your shower cap, or grocery bag.

The reason i recommend grocery bag, is the edges of the shower cap may ride up on your scalp at night, and be abrasive because of the rough edge. Either way it is your choice. You can choose to get an antimicrobial shower cap as well.  During the day and night, this shower-cap/ grocery bag will be secured onto your forehead(not your hair line) with a scarf. You can buy some cute scarves for when you go out, wear a beanie of hat, or during the day you can wear a loose fitting wigcap/ stocking(not tight fitting!) over the grocery bag, and then put a full wig over it.



◦ Rules:

  •  If you are doing this to grow back a bald spot, you will need to repeat the regimen once every 2-3 weeks. At that point you must properly detangle. This will get rid of build up of shed hair and even product build up, but still replace moisture. You don’t want to let build up happen, otherwise it can clog either your hair follicles or cuticles and stunt progress. You also don’t want build up of shed hairs to cause issues like tangling. It helps to have constant uninterrupted moisture for hair growth, so you really do not want to take the shower cap off before the 2 week mark. If you are just doing this because you have a twa, you can do the regimen more often if you choose.


  • DO NOT take off the showercap/ grocery bag. Otherwise, the moisture will escape and this will not work as well. You must wear it 24 hours a day, for 2-3 weeks, before you repeat all the steps. The longer you can go the better. You are allowed to respritz your hair as well or apply more conditioner, but limit that to once before you next clarify.


  • In 3 weeks when u first clarify again u should notice signs that your follicles are coming in. But keep at it for at least 3 months to see more growth. This will give you a boost in growth you will not even believe.


  • DO NOT add oil to your hair. Oil is a lubricant and a sealant. You want to to avoid sealing your hair, that is what the shower cap is for. Only use an MHM approved conditioner on your hair. For your scalp you can use a light oil, but no heavy butters.


  • DO NOT have your hair loose unless you have a twa. Other wise you should put your hair in medium size braids, or cornrows. What ever you choose, they must be secure and be able to hold up with out coming loose. Do not make them too small or they will tangle and cause breakage when you try to loose them. Tiny twist and braids easily let loose whisps of hair that can wrap around the outside of the braid, making it difficult to take loose especially when wet, so avoid doing this with mini twist or mini braids. No Extensions or african threading will work. I do not recommend twisting the hair, because twists come loose when wet and can begin to cause matting. You must take the braids out and properly detangle every 2-3 weeks when you repeat the regimen. The clarification steps work best on loose hair, and you want to prevent the rest of your strands from getting shed hair build up.


◦ Here are the mixtures


  • ACV/apple cider vinegar: 1:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar and water to fill an 8 oz application bottle. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper. You will leave this on your hair for 30 minutes to an hour, (under a shower cap!) before rinsing it out. If the cayenne causes the swelling on the bald area to be agitated or is too intense, you don’t have to add it. Or you can reduce the amount as needed.


  • Bentonite clay rinse: 1:2 ratio of bentonite clay to water. You really won’t need to make too much, because you won’t be doing your hair for at least the next two weeks. Add 2 tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. It is recommended to add cayenne pepper to this as well. You can add stimulating oils, or a stimulating oil mix as mentioned under step 3. Leave paste on for 15 minutes, rinse out. Make sure everything you use is touching the bald spot, if you have one.



◦ Other things to know

  • You can also implement your thermal heating cap, hooded dryer, or steamer with this regimen, but it isn’t a replacement for continuous GHE or DC (green house effect or Deep Condition). Just something you could do in addition maybe once a day.
  • You can also do the inversion method for the first week, to stimulate like a jumpstart. Basically once a day or twice, for 4 minutes, find some way to be somewhat upside down so the blood rushes to your head. Maybe lean over your bed. Then massage your scalp (through the grocery bag) for the 4 minutes.
  • in 2-3 weeks when u first clarify again u should notice signs that your follicles are coming in. But keep at it for at least 3 months to see more growth. This will give you a boost in growth you will not even believe. Once you see enough length, you will notice your curls growing out of your scalp with maximum hydration.

40 thoughts on “MHM Bald spot recovery Regimen

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  2. My bald spot and thinning area includes my front hairline and edges only. My hair is super thick and longer everywhere else so I do not think it would be feasible for me to go 3 weeks wearing a shower cap. Do you recommend this method or the original MHM method for issue with my edges? Would it benefit any to incorporate the essential oils and adding cayenne pepper into the clay rinse and the ACV rinse for the original regimen?


    • Hi Destiney. If you cornroll the rest of your hair and tuck the ends, doing it this long should be fine even on your thick hair. All hair should do fine when cornrolled, and the braids are going to keep your hair from loosening while you do this, if you are worried about tangling.

      I really recommend this version of the regimen if you have a bald spot, as you will see the fastest results of growth this way. It can be a little annoying having to keep you hair away but not with out cause, this is very efficient and will get the job done.

      The continuous GHE is the most important part that works. I managed to GHE for 3 months straight, although it wasn’t with the addition of clay, cayenne, etc. My 4c hair grew out of my scalp for 1.5 inches. The only time I took it off was once briefly to look after the first 2 weeks, and I could see the area dark with follices showing new growth for the first time in almost a year. Also my hair grew out of my scalp with max hydration. The only mistake I made was on the rest of my hair I had sealed with shea butter, and that prevented me from getting max hydration on my loose strands because of the oils blocking moisture from penetrating. Plus I never clarified during or before doing the GHE. That is why it has been modified with these additional MHM steps, and it does work. I still have to post a photo of a user who did the regimen– although she only did it for 1 run, for 2 weeks, you can see the darkening where follicles are coming up, where as the area used to be smooth.

      However, it’s ultimately your choice you can try to encorporate the cayenne in the regular regimen if you don’t want to do it.


  3. Hi! I have a spot in my crown that is bald and I really want to do this method and the max hydration method. I don’t think it is very plausible for me to wear wigs during the week at school and work. What would you recommend? Can I do a modified version of this on the weekends, or do I really need to buckle down and do it? If so, what kind of wig would I need that would actually stay on? I’m just super nervous about the wig part.


    • If you want your bald spot to grow back in a timely manner, it is best to just buckle down and do it. the wig staying on isn’t going to be an issue.

      First make sure to cornroll your hair or braid–never twists or anything too loose– then wear the shower cap or plastic bag, and on top wear a wig cap, then wig, as per instructions. With that you wont hear rustling or have your wig suddenly fall off. You can also wear scarves, or beanies etc.

      There are wigs of a kinky texture that will remind you more of your hair so you don’t get bored with plain straight hair wigs. One good one I know is called a finger comber.


      • Thanks for your response, I just happened to stumble upon a YouTube person by the name of HerStyleYo that reviews wigs that look real and are cheap so I am going to go ahead and try this method. I purchased the products you listed from iHerb and I am going to document my progress!


  4. Thank you so much for your site! I’m so concerned about leaving a shower cap on 24/7. I have previously read that this can cause mold, breakage, moisture overload, and a myriad of other issues. What makes doing the method this way minimize those risks? Should there be any concerns for bagging for that long?


    • I do not believe those risks happen, especially when you would be clarifying. I have actually done GHE myself 24/7 for 3 months straight, no clarifying did not take off the cap even once. I did not get moisture overload, mold, or breakage. My bald spot that I had been dealing with for almost a year, grew in 1.5 inches. I think many of those are myths that stem off the whole “fear water” paradigm.


      • I get itchiness and major scalp irritation from simple over night with ghe. Sad because I have a spot that never grew back from post partim shedding and I just had a baby and am sure shrdfing is coming! Does anyone do tea rinses on mhm?


  5. I am doing regular hmm now, but I plan to do this in the cold winter months when I normally would rock wigs or crotchet braids, to see if it will help my edges.thanks.


  6. Hi

    Is there anyway to do the MHM regime and then just baggy overnight and durig thd day aside from when doing the washing/conditioning as a way of incorporating the GHE? I’ve just big chopped to about 2 inches of unstretched 4c hair after having past shoulder length hair due to ridiculous split ends and very high mid strand splits. I don’t want to compromise my new afro but at the same time I’ve had a bald spot on the crown of my head for ages now. It’s not shiny bald but the hair there is delicate and very short
    . Few millimetres.



    • Hi jessica. The version of MHM for bald spots is on this page. It is already basically MHM but without use of gel. Baggying/Dc/GHE is already an option in the normal regimen. If you go on the Max hydration method (brief summary) page, it will show the version where you can choose to split the regimen into day and night with GHE/DC. But to grow back a bald spot, it is faster to do the bald spot regimen because it specifically targets the issue. Especially since the area is obviously delecate because it hasnt grown for awhile. It will need constant moisture. It is not going to compromise your other hair strands. Just make sure to cornroll or braid the loose hair and it should be fine. Hope that helps.


  7. Sorry one more question. Would recommend doing this before I start the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment as that recommends doing it every day for 7 days continuous which means I would have to keep taking the bag off? I’m still waiting for my ingredients to come so don’t want to start to then interrupt the regime.


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  8. Hi. You mentioned using african wild growth oil for this regimen, but after purchasing it , the ingredients include coconut oil(3rd ingredient). Is it still ok to use? Thanks


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  11. Hi Pinke,
    First thing, let me thank you for your heart and willingness to share all of your knowledge and technique with the world, it is very kind of you. I absolutely need and want to do this method as my edges are my greatest challenge. I couldn’t tell the last time I even had them. Literally! Even as a kid.

    Do you have any possible suggestions for me when it comes to GHE and hair options? My job doesn’t allow for hats or beanies and the cost of wigs pose a financial challenge for me. Any ideas would help. Thank you dearly!


    • Hi luvnhimthruabba. I would look for affordable wigs online, search around for my taste. The janet collection has pretty affordable wigs, like the Mommy wig. It doesn’t always have to be expensive to work. You can also watch tutorials on youtube on how to make your own crochet wig. If not, does your workplace allow scarves?

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  12. So after completing my third day of MHM, which is yielding great results I notice intense itching after the overnight DC. What can I do to combat that? Also I have diluted my leave in but my wash and go’s are still a tab crunchy, what oil can I layer with after applying my gel? Thank u so much this method has already done so much for my hair that im no longer considering big chopping again. YEAH!!!!!


  13. I started the twa/bald method due to thinning edges from braids that were entirely to tight. But after leaving the cap on for about 4 days it started to smell sour so I am restarting the 5 day hydration again. I will use more oils on my scalp to hopefully cut down on the odor this time around. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  14. Hey Pinke,

    I have alopecia and I am interested in giving your method help regrow my hair. I currently go to the dermatologist once a month for injections and I have 2 liquid solutions that I have to apply twice daily. In your method I have to leave the shower cap on for 2 weeks, would it be ok to remove the cap briefly just over my 2 bald spots to apply the solutions twice a day? Thank you for your help.


  15. Hi there! I workout twice a day and sweat a lot. I’m afraid that my hair will smell badly if I don’t let it air out. Will this be a problem? I’m eager to start this tomorrow but can’t give up my workouts. Thank you for any advice you can give!


  16. To Pinke, I am trying the bald spot regimen and its going on my 3rd week. Couple of things i will like to point out that never got mentioned in the steps or what to expect. My hair stinks like hell…it smells like mildew. The itching is out of controlled…my hair itch so bad that i am scared that i might scratch a couple of bald spots in it. Last, the bags does not stay on your head…i used the beauty supply bag and i had to secure it with a grocery bag and a scarf. You fail to mention all of these things i just spoke upon.. By my bags keep coming off…i don’t think that i am going to see results.


  17. is it normal for the bald spot to hurt? my bald spot covers my entire hairline and ive been doing this for about three days so far. I’ve noticed some pain/tenderness in some areas of my hairline. I’m not using a tight scarf or anything over the plastic bag, just held it with a ponytail holder and put a loose bonnet on top.


    • No, back when I had my bald spot it did feel tender but this was when I had recently lost the hair, and I hadn’t started baggying yet. It could be the cayenne pepper. Try and see if oiling your scalp works. I recommend 100% lanolin, just make sure to apply it lihghtly


  18. Hi Pinke Cube, Is this a 7 day process that should be repeated once every 2-3 weeks? Or is this a 1 day process that should be repeated every 2-3 weeks? Also do I do this before I start the full regimen 9cherry lola treatment). How can I let my hair not smell and breathe as well? Do you recommend any you tubers that have done this or could you do a youtube video?


    • I do not have a video on it, but here are a few videos on the subject of green house effect. It is a one day process, repeated every 2-3 weeks. If you want you can do the cherry lola before, but it isnt required. If you want to be rid of smell, just take the cap off and rinse you hair, maybe with a conditioner. Or take the cap off for an hour. Just make sure if you rinse you redo your braids to prevent tangles, and that the braids are a good size so you can avoid them unraveling but also not small of they will matt.


  19. I’m not sure I understand this at all! I am to wear a grocery bag on my head daily for 2 weeks?!..without removing it? Just trying to make sure I’m reading it right..


  20. Two question: 1) Instead of bentonite clay, can I use rhassoul clay?

    2) What if my hair continues to get dry? You said only respritz/condition once between clarifying…what if my hair dries out, even with the bag on?


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