MHM Recommended Product List


Below is the list of No-no ingredients that we avoid in this regimen and  a brief explanation of each: TEA-triethanolamine and other ethanolamines(MEA, DEA,etc): A drying alcohol derived from ethanol, forms lye salt in water based products and dissolves certain types … Continue reading

First Ever MHM Workshop Coming to Chicago!

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Hi everyone, hope you are feeling bright and uplifted this weekend– if you are in the Chicago area, this might brighten up your mood all the more!   The MHM Family is ever spreading and supporting each other as we … Continue reading

Maintaining your wash n go/ Other ways of Styling


So, we have gone over the steps, and you are past the 7 day Challenge. How do you maintain you hair on second day and more? Below all your options.   Option 1: Roll, tuck, and pin sections before bed. … Continue reading

The Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment


If you’re doing this method for the first time, I would suggest starting off with a Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment or regular Cherry Lola Treatment. This will be your step 1 in the 5 step regimen on the first day, instead … Continue reading

My Personal Hair Story: Max Hydration Method Feature


Hi guys, hope you are having a great week. To kick off the testimonial features, I thought you might want to know a little more about me, and how this method came to fruition. Want to know more about my … Continue reading

MHM Bald spot recovery Regimen

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The MHM bald spot regimen (Or For people who’s hair is too short for gel). It is repeated every 2-3 weeks. This is an option of MHM for those who’s hair is either too short for gel, or you just … Continue reading

MHM Myths Debunked: Cutting apart the bakingsoda Fixation


I’ve gotten these general questions and answered them individually in emails and on gave an extended answer on Black hair media forum, but I think it is time to address them on this site once and for all so I … Continue reading

Ways to shorten up the regimen once you are getting close to max hydration.


How Often must you do the regimen? For the first week, you want to try and do it everyday for 7 days. The way this regimen works, is the more often (and more accurately) you do it, the faster you … Continue reading

Challenge yourself to complete the 1 week MHM challenge!

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When you first start, try to complete the MHM regimen everyday for the first 7 days, then submit your testimony pictures! Remember, the first day of the challenge is to start off with a Cherry Lola Treatment. You can read … Continue reading

What is Nappy hair?


When it comes to Maximum Hydration (which this regimen is designed to give your hair), think about the effect water has on the hair. When your hair is wet, your hair responds positively to the moisture, getting softer. But because … Continue reading